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Senior Ericsson Executive Javier Garcia-Gomez to lead Edge Cloud company VoerEir as new CEO starting November 1st, 2021.

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We want to help you transform

Our teams can work together to help you transform to cloud

We are fortunate to have a seasoned team of OpenStack, Kubernetes, NFV, telecom application and VNF onboarding experts who would help you in each step of your transformation thoroughly.

We investigate and find hidden network complications to help you achieve low cost, efficient and optimized infrastructure.

We have great values to offer

We offer tools to test, benchmark and certify your physical and virtual networks, making it feasible for you to deploy your infrastructure to the cloud with reliability.

Organisations leverage from our solutions to enhance the security and reliability of their infrastructure.

Benefits you can get with us

Analyse your cloud characteristics with us

Our system benchmarking solutions provide you with deeper understanding of the performance characteristics of your cloud infrastructure, along with the insights of our professional team gathered through years of experience across the industry.

Solve issues with our experts

Our Subject Matter Experts have been providing their consultancy to several tier 1 companies. You can take the benefit from our skilled experts in areas like NFVI challenges, Cloud deployments, Cloud testing and DevOps security.

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We would like to help you in every step. We would provide you with tools and consultation to help you out, just reach out to us so together can resolve the issues.

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