Benchmarking offered by us

VoerEir+ Performance

Our tool, Touchstone has VoerEir’s proprietary tests that you can run on your edge infrastructure to measure it’s performance.

We support Benchmarking supported for network and compute acceleration technologies.

API Performance

Test the performance of the management APIs on your cluster.

Our tool Complies with and supports ETSI MEC and Intel OpenNESS frameworks.

Functional & Compliance

Verify conformance of functionalities, and compliance to industry standards.

We also provide Compliance suites like Refstack, OpenStack API Compliance, CIS benchmark, and Dovetail.

KPIs identification

VoerEir is leading and driving a Linux foundation project under Akriono umbrella, Kontour, to identify and define edge KPIs required from the Edge Cloud infrastructure. Different Edge applications will have new demanding requirements with regards to functionality, performance, robustness, stability, reliability and security from the edge cloud infrastructure. These requirements can be tested on any Edge site using the defined KPIs for them.

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