About Voereir

VoerEir is a start-up founded mid-2015. Our focus is to help operators succeed with their NFV transformation. We are proud to have several Tier 1s as customers to both Touchstone and our services.

Our team has many years of experience from OpenStack, NFV, Telecom application development and VNF onboarding. We continue to upgrade our knowledge base through industry cooperation, open source community engagement, cooperation with universities and, most important, assignments to evaluate and help to improve many different NFV infrastructures.
Our focus is to continue to develop an industry-leading offering consisting of Test Automation, processes and know-how, that will help cloud transformation projects; reduce cost, risk and time to successful implementation.

VoerEir addresses a global market, has offices in Stockholm and Delhi, and has partners in South and North America, in Africa, in Europe, and Australia. Together we cover the globe.