The NFV Challenges

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a critical technology that is driving the transformation of Telecom Networks.
The vision of NFV is to move Telecom Application Software from vendor-specific platforms, to run as pure software applications, (Now called Virtual Network Function, VNF) on top of one or a few instantiations of shared cloud infrastructure.

It is this cloud infrastructure we call "Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure" (NFVI). NFVIs are today typically based OpenStack cloud management SW and KVM as hypervisors, eventually moving to Kubernetes and docker containers. An NFVI solution is a quite complex solution, containing SW from between 15 and 20 different Opensource communities, and HW from several different vendors. Solution integration is, therefore, a substantial task, and the resulting Infrastructures can have quite a significant variation both in functionality and performance characteristics.

The above described gives the Operator three new challenges that must be addressed:

  • How can a VNF vendor promise performance/availability/reliability in the RFQ phase, if he has not tested on top of the NFVI that will be used?
  • When a VNF doesn't perform, how to handle middleman position between NFVI and VNF vendor?
  • How to handle the life cycle of an NFVI with upgrades and expansions?

What we can do for you

Touchstone Product,VoerEir’s SW system for NFVI Certification and Validation, Touchstone, is a Test Suite manager, that “out of the box” comes with all automated test cases you need for testing a cloud’s Performance, Functionality, Robustness, and Stability.

NFVI Certification,Using Touchstone, VoerEir performs Opensource certification, based on official Test Suites from OPNFV and OpenStack. For further understanding of an NFVI’s characteristics, VoerEir also offers an extended "Certification," adding an Industry Benchmark of some 200 KPIs, and Testing Operation readiness by validating Robustness and Stability.

Education and Consulting VoerEir has courses in “What you need to know NFVI technologies" and "Testing with Touchstone," both 1 – 3 days workshops. VoerEir also offers help with sorting out organizational and technical issues around NFV transformation. From procurement to Life Cycle Management.

Transformation To a Cloud Architecture

Testing, verification, procurement or Life Cycle Management, our focus is always on the demarcation point between the NFV infrastructure and the VNFs.

Latest white paper

Jio and VoerEir have during the past year cooperated around defining a list of NFVI- KPIs which determine the performance of VNFs deployed on top of that NFVI.

There are two prime use cases of these KPIs:
First, for a VNF vendor to be able to commit to a performance SLA, the vendor must know the characteristics of the infrastructure on which his VNF shall be deployed. Second, if a VNF does not fulfill his performance SLA, the operator must be able to sort out where the responsibility lays, on the VNF or the NFVI vendor. The tricky part is to find the KPIs which are essential for different types of VNFs' performance.

This white paper describes our way of reasoning when creating the list and gives examples of detailed definitions for different kinds of KPIs.